Ostendo API for Developers 3rd Party Software Applications, Professional Time Billing, Financial and ERP Solutions

Many Ostendo customers use a range of accounting systems, ERP software products, professional time billing systems, time clocks and PDA devices to name a few. Some of these packages are country specific while other solutions meet the needs of clients in a specific industry.

The Development-X development team creates interfaces for Ostendo to popular financial software and hardware such as Tablets and android devices.

The Ostendo API Rest Service makes it easy for all software developers to interface with any third-party software application and exchange data between the systems. These include accounting software systems, webstores, ERP software solutions, business management software, cad systems, payroll and timesheet systems, warehousing PDTs, to name a few.

The Ostendo Consulting Partners also develop specific interfaces for software solutions used by their clients in their country. Epitome Software in Adelaide, Australia is an Ostendo Centre of Excellence who delights in achieving the almost impossible by using SQL statements and custom scripts to interface with third party systems and peripheral devices. R & R Solutions cc in South Africa write scripts for sage Pastel Partner and Ostendo. Solution Management Limited in Auckland, New Zealand develops reports, programs, scripts and interfaces to 3rd party programs, webstores and hardware devices for Trans Tasman Ostendo Consultants and Ostendo Customers.

Please email us at Development-X Limited if you would like to learn if Ostendo interfaces with the accounting or ERP software system you are using in your business info@development-x.com

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