Singapore Business Software Resellers

Ostendo operational software is sold in Singapore and installed and supported by a network of experienced independent business software consultants.

Ostendo supports Singapore’s local GST, all your multi currency requirements including SGD, MYR or RM, USD, EUR, IDR, JPY, CNY or RMB and AUD making Ostendo ideal for Singapore importers and exporters of both products and services.

Ostendo adds advanced inventory, job costing, manufacturing, service and distribution to your accounting systems used in Singapore such as MYOB and QuickBooks. Ostendo is a multi user system and can be installed on your business server in Singapore. You will enjoy using the Ostendo Call Centre to centralise all your customer service requests. Ostendo is multi company ready.

Click on this link to select your Singapore Ostendo Consulting Partner to assist you in your Singapore business.

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